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Now, Who needs some Gay Guy Advice?

Honestly, we all do!  Where else will you find excellent advice on a whole range of things / good judgement, learned through the school of hard knocks / or tips on how to enhance your life and make it “fabulous?”   Yep! You need a Gay Guy!
As a professional gay guy, I’m known for my resourcefulness, impeccable taste (but not so much in men!), unsolicited honesty, tough love, fairness, broad knowledge on important and not so important things, and I hope, for helping people have better lives.

Let’s get started!

If you’ve got a question or need some help – or just want to find out if what you’re buying or doing is “Gay Guy Approved,” just send me a quick video or an email and I’ll put it on the blog.  I’ll be as gentle as I can and I think we can have a lot of fun doing this.  Let’s roll!         Chop Chop!

Gay Guy Approved Tips

Take This Breath Advice — PLEASE!

Bad breath is…bad.  No one wants to kiss you, they step away from you and you’re certainly not going to get laid any time soon with a mouth that smells of stench and rot.  I’m brutal, I know.  “If you are true to your teeth – they will never be false to you.” (Corny but...

The Perfect Gift To Bring Your Friend's Kids

Bring The Perfect Gift To Your Friend’s Kids! If you’re lamenting about what to bring as a gift to a friend’s house and they happen to have younger kids, you’re in luck!  There are some amazing DVDs out that will entertain the kids for hours and they’re pretty inexpensive.  They range from $10.00 to $15.00....

Party Guest

Have you ever gone to a cocktail party at someone’s home and you weren’t sure what you should or shouldn’t do as a guest? Should I bring something? Offer help? Should I sit on my fat ass while the host works their ass off serving me? Uh oh, all fired up. Maybe I should wait...

Gay Guy Approved Products


Why Straight Guys Should Go To Gay Bars

Guys, guys, guys! If you’re single and your want to meet an incredible chick—get your ass into a gay bar! Here are 5 good things you need to know before you start hanging out with “the boys.” Here ya go… 1. Cool girls have Gay Guy (GG) friends. Any straight girl who can bag a...

How To Meet Your Prince — Trust Me

Are you really ready to meet your prince? You want a man who acts like a prince?  You’re not going to believe this answer. Ready? You go skeet shooting! Don’t stop reading! Not only will you have a blast shooting skeet, but you’re going to bag a man too! This is the best advice on...

Peeing in the middle of the night_ Sit the _F_ Down!

Men!  Listen up!  If you’re anything like me and you might peeing in the middle of the night, so make it easy on yourself — sit down to do it! This is especially true if you live with women!   I don’t have any idea why they are so territorial and dictatorial (pun intended) over that...

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