The Perfect Gift To Bring Your Friend’s Kids — And It’s Not Night-Time Cough Syrup!

A Great Gift for Kids and For You!

Bring The Perfect Gift To Your Friend’s Kids!

If you’re lamenting about what to bring as a gift to a friend’s house and they happen to have younger kids, you’re in luck!  There are some amazing DVDs out that will entertain the kids for hours and they’re pretty inexpensive.  They range from $10.00 to $15.00. If you bring these DVDs, you not only will delight the kids, but it will keep them mesmerized while you’re there too!   What’s better than that?  A gift for them that’s actually a gift for you.

Toy Train Videos, Who Knew? I Love Toy Trains – All Aboard is a video series that films toy trains “in action.” The first time I heard about it, I thought, “seriously?”  Well, little did I know that kids love to watch videos of toy trains, John Deere Tractors and earth movers. The train series has a huge following at libraries all over the country.  TM Books and Video gets weekly phone calls from families who want to buy copies for themselves after their kids have seen the videos from the library.

The Kids Will Love These Videos

Special Needs Kids Really Love These Videos. For kids with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism, their parents report to the producers of  I Love Toy Trains that these DVDs are the only shows that hold their kid’s attention. I love that about these DVDs. They do good things too.

You Won’t Have To Medicate As Much If You Bring These DVD’s As Your “Obligatory Hostess Gift!”

“All Aboard,” Oh How You’ll Grow To Hate That Phrase! This video features great original music by award-winning composer James Coffey; bloopers; educational segments; and railroading adventures with both toy and real trains. One warning!  Expect to keep hearing “All Aboard” over and over again after the kids have seen these DVDs.  Now, where was that cough syrup, for me?

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift To Bring Your Friend’s Kids — And It’s Not Night-Time Cough Syrup!”

  1. I love giving the “I Love Toy Trains” videos as gifts for both boys and girls. They really do capture and hold the attention of children with the movement, sounds and music. They have a number of train videos for all different ages. And they watch them over and over!

  2. Excellent suggestion! Going to be spending some time with my friend’s kids this summer on vacation and this will make the perfect gift! Well done, once again!

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