Wanna Find a Successful Guy? Go Skeet Shooting!

Prince William —                   Added Bonus! Guys who Shoot Skeet Love Dogs Too!

Are you really ready to meet your prince? You want a man who acts like a prince?  You’re not going to believe this answer.


You go skeet shooting!

Don’t stop reading! Not only will you have a blast shooting skeet, but you’re going to bag a man too!

This is the best advice on how to meet your prince guy you’ll ever hear.

Really polite, outdoorsy, fun-loving and probably rich guys go skeet shooting. Girls…put on some tight clothes, pick up a shotgun, and get to work! Forget your aversion to killing animals, there aren’t any to shoot when you’re going skeet/trap shooting. The only “game” you’re going home with is a hot guy. Believe me! Play this right and you’ll invite me to your Royal Wedding.

This may sound odd, but I think that you’re most likely to meet a “prince” if you’ve never gone skeet shooting before. There’s nothing more sexy than a “damsel in distress” and that’s exactly what I was the first time I engaged in skeet shooting. The guys in the stand (that’s the box on stilts that you shoot from) knew that we didn’t know how to shoot skeet because as soon as we got there, we looked like deer in headlights. They offered to share the stand with us. Very nice! When we said “Ah no, we’re just going to watch for awhile,” they lit up like Christmas trees! They were going to help us! I think there’s some kind of sportsman’s code they all live by. It makes them all as polite and helpful as a gay guy working in a women’s shoe department! Use it! Take full advantage of it! These are straight guys acting like gay guys! They didn’t care who they helped, they just wanted to help.  Loved it! You’re not going to find this anyplace else on Earth, except maybe at an ACLU meeting.

You Don’t Have to be a Grizzly Mama to Go Shooting!

Once we admitted it was our first time, the guys proceeded to show us how to do it. They insisted that we shoot their guns and shoot at their clay pigeons (those discs that fly into the air) to get a feel for it. If my shoulders weren’t so big I’m sure he would have wrapped his huge muscular arms around me.

Note to girls: DO NOT wear shoulder pads!

To skeet shoot, the first thing you’ve got to do is find a gun club or shooting range that rents shotguns — most of them do but not all of them. Call the range and tell them it’s your first time and ask them what you should expect when you get there and if they have any rules about first-time shooters. Ask them what time is a good time to go — and don’t pay attention to what they say! Go on a Saturday or Sunday morning when the men will be there.

When you show up to the range, you’re going to see a lot of really nice cars in the lot. Just sayin’. Check in and ask the folks who work at the range to show you how to use the gun. Ask loudly enough so any men in the vacinity can hear. They’ll be all over you offering assistance.

If the range offers a class on how to shoot the gun, and there are lots of hot guys around, don’t be stupid! Do not take the class!  Are you getting it?

Don’t go alone. Bring a girlfriend with you. Skeet shooting works best in pairs because someone has to press the button that flings the clay pigeon into the air when you yell “pull.”

If a nice guy helps you and he has nice breath, offer to buy him a beer when you’re through. You’ll figure it out.

Don’t be too scared — they’ll take good care of you and you’ll really enjoy shooting the guns — I promise! It’s a lot of fun.

Happy Hunting Ladies!

Who’s got a better place to meet a man?  Let’s hear it!

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