Why Straight Guys Should Go To Gay Bars

Guys, guys, guys! If you’re single and your want to meet an incredible chick—get your ass into a gay bar!

Here are 5 good things you need to know before you start hanging out with “the boys.” Here ya go…

1. Cool girls have Gay Guy (GG) friends. Any straight girl who can bag a GG as a friend is probably a girl worth dating. She’s showing you a lot just by having gay friends.  She’s got enough going for her that GG’s want to be around her — she’s probably really funny, dresses well for her body type and is worldly enough to appreciate all that gay friends have to offer.  She’s showing you something right off the bat: she’s not a bigoted homophobe. You want to date women who aren’t harsh and black and white about things; they will make better lovers and mothers for your future kids.

The Girls Love Their Gays!

2. GG’s bring their straight girl friends to the gay bars with them and the girls travel in packs! You can walk into almost any gay bar — the ones that primarily have younger men and dancing in them — and you’ll find a slew of  available women. Women have a blast in gay bars — and they let their guards down while they are there.  No one is pawing at them; they can dance with just about anyone they want; guys buy them drinks without expecting something in return and they keep hearing that they’re “fabulous” from attractive men they don’t even know!

3. Straight men can learn great life-lessons by going to gay bars! This is your time to learn compassion for what women go through—and this will serve you all of your life. Gay men really aren’t any different than straight men when it comes to trying to getting laid. You’re going to get what a woman feels when she walks into a bar. Don’t worry, no one’s going to rape you. You are going to feel what it feels like to be treated like a piece of meat though. Once the GG’s find out you’re straight, they’ll pretty much leave you alone. They may flirt and buy you a beer, but there’s a good chance they’ll introduce you to their girlfriends too.  GG’s love having secure straight men in the bar.  That said, don’t be disappointed if no one notices you…

4. You may not get any attention at all. OMG! Did I just break your heart?  Straight men, I know that’s hard to hear, but not every gay guy wants to take a hit off of you! Don’t make up a fantasy before you get there that the men will be all over you, because there’s a good chance that they won’t be.  On the flip side, if you’re hit on in the bar, take it as a compliment!  You should be able to graciously handle anything that comes your way and don’t forget that you’re the one who walked into a gay bar. If you can’t handle being hit on by a guy, you have no business going into a gay bar and the women in there won’t like you anyway.  If you are cool with being in a gay bar, the women will find you hotter. There’s nothing more disgusting than a man who tries to make himself “macho” by degrading anyone, on the flip side, there’s nothing more attractive than a guy who accepts everyone for who they are. True story: The first time I went into a gay bar, no one paid attention!  I-was-wrecked!


gay bar

5. Find a GG to become your best friend. Just like every girl needs a GG as a friend, straight guys need gay men in their lives too. Most GG’s will teach a lot of things you might not know; having GG’s (and lesbians too) will certainly make you a better father if you have kids who don’t turn out “just like you.” If you’re going into the bar, make it an adventure!  See how many guys you can talk to in the bar. GG’s generally have lots of friends and tend to have very big social networks. They know a lot of women who aren’t in the bar. If you’re a decent guy, the GG’s will take care of you. Use them as a resource, but most of all, keep them as your friends.

Final Note: One of my best friends met her HOT husband in a gay bar.  He’s the best!  They’ve been married for over 10 years.  It happens.  Who knew?


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9 thoughts on “Why Straight Guys Should Go To Gay Bars”

  1. What a concept! I am a single woman and my best friend is a gay man and a truly stellar human being. However, he has never taken me to a gay bar. I am going to have to speak with him about this!

  2. Love it. Number 2 is why there are more gay bars in my home town. 20 years ago straight guys wouldn’t set foot into the one gay bar in town so that is where we ladies headed first! They caught on which lowered homorphobia by leaps and bounds. Yay! :)

    1. Dean Hervochon

      I’m with you. Homophobia hurts straight people as much as it does gay people. Just look at how little boys “aren’t allowed to act” because their parents are afraid they will be gay, or God forbid, anyone else will think that. I can’t imagine all the creativity that has been stifled in straight boys and men all due to homophobia. Thanks for your comment. Dean

  3. Dean:
    Nice meeting you last night, and I totally agree with this article. You may remember me saying we played at Jackhammer in Chicago once for Gary & his “Flesh Hungry Dog Show?” Fun experienced, they treated the musicians very well (a rare occurrence), and there were some SMOKIN HOT, unguarded, friendly straight women floating around in there. FYI, I think Gary has a groovy annual Halloween show this month with Patty Elvis (among other artists).

  4. As a straight woman, I totally agree with this article. The energy in gay bars is much more fun-loving and lighthearted (not to mention sexy). Straight guys definitely have a lot to offer if they are confident and secure enough to just relax and have a great time in a gay club.
    By the way, I love the name of your website, if you are ever in Rehoboth Beach, let’s meet up at a club!

  5. Hey Marcella! Thanks for the comments! I will look you up the next time I’m up your way! Was there last Summer and had a blast. Keep coming back! Dean

  6. Cool website…I’m a straight guy DJ and I thumb up this article. Anyone who follows electronic music is well aware that the greatest clubs in the world happen to be gay clubs. For the last 40 years! Thankfully I have a great woman so my only intention when going out is to enjoy the music and the experience, not to find meat. Were I single I’d be wary of strange girls slinging token gay friends over their shoulder….the ones who have a genuine friendship are fine…the others I’m skeptical of.

  7. I was at a party at a GG’s house and kept thinking – the women here are hot. A straight man would have his pick… Good advice! Please add go to your GG’s house parties!

  8. well i am a straight man that would have trouble if i went to a gay lesbian bar, and what good are my chances of meeting a straight woman there? not that great, unless she is BI.

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