How To Find Your Friends in a Crowd


Before you ever go to a big event with your friends, you need a plan! How many times have you gone to a concert or baseball game and you lost your friends? This is bad if you need a ride home or there’s an emergency.  

Raise your hand and also designate a place to meet if you get separated. Two simple things.

You’re Going To Lose Your Friends! It gets even more complicated if your friends happen to be drunk (or you are).  What sucks is that in a big crowd, your friends could be just a few feet away from you and you wouldn’t even know it. Don’t depend on your phone to find your friends in a crowd. There’s a good chance that you will lose phone service and texting abilities if a lot of people are using their phones. Going to the Gay Pride Parade? Forget it! Not gonna happen! There’s too much competition for the available network.  Also, always have a place to meet if you can’t find each other.  Decide all of this BEFORE you go. 

You Don’t Need the Secret Service to Find Your Friends! So, how do you find your wayward friends?  You raise your hand! That may sound stupid and so fricken simple.  If you tell your friends about this, I swear, they will all start doing it. Oh, they are going to laugh when you tell them to do this. Sometimes they’ll do it just to spite you; “Hey girl, I’m over here” as they jut their limp hands into the air to over-emphasize how much of a pansy they think you’re being because you’re cautious. Everyone has made fun of me when I make them practice before we go into the event!  YEP!  It’s actually fun.  Let them mock you, ha, ha, ha, but we’ll see who gets a ride home with me if I can’t find your sorry ass! You’ll see, they’ll start using it, the first time they feel separated from you.  If your friends start to get about 10 feet away from you and there’s a lot of people between you,  just raise your hand!  It works especially well if you’ve got an umbrella in your hand too. It’s fantastic. You should teach this to your friends, kids, relatives.  Don’t teach it to clingy boyfriends though. This is a good thing to know…you’ll thank me later.  Let me know what you think.  Post a comment here.

PS: If you’d like to write a “guest post” — let me know!   I’m looking for posts that offer good, solid, helpful information — or something that really bugs you and you can offer a solution for the problem.  The best posts are things that most people don’t know.  If you make it funny, all the better.  I can help with editing and images.  Hope to hear from you.

Don’t forget to shave those pits – if you’re into that!


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7 thoughts on “How To Find Your Friends in a Crowd”

  1. Thought this was a very good idea–and this is coming from a Kindergarten teacher! We use it to stop kids from talking–why not for friends who keep wandering off? Thanks, Deano!

    1. Dean Hervochon

      Oh…they’ve already practiced, practiced, practiced…I would feel very confident taking them to Carnegie Hall!

  2. One of the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten. It works every time. Passed it on to all my friends. We all love it!

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