Passwords — Never Forget Another Password — Ever!

Do you have problems remembering your passwords?

I don’t anymore!

You’re not alone and hacking and “phishing” into your accounts is a real threat to you so you better get your passwords in order.  The best passwords contain letters, numbers and punctuation symbols / characters. You should not have the same password for all of your sites, but I’m sure you already know that.  Right?  So, how do your remember different, secure passwords for every site you use?  You create an algorithm.  “A what?  I can’t do that!”  Oh yes you can!  I literally just taught this to a ten year old.  Keep reading, this is easier than you think.  Don’t worry, The Go To Gay Guy to the rescue!

To create safe, secure, unique passwords — for each site you visit — all you have to do is remember “the code.”.  That’s the algorithm part of this— it’s simply a step by step method to make something work.


Here’s an example of how you could do it:

1.  Decide which letters you’re going to use from the name of the website you’re on.  Such as, if you’re using: “”, pick two or three or even four letters from the website’s name.  Let’s say you are going to use the code of using the first two letters of the website’s name and the last letter.  So, for Gmail,that would be the:  “G,m and l (note I always keep only the first letter as a capital – it adds more security.)

2. The next thing you need to do, is pick  4 – 7 numbers that you can remember.  You could use your phone number, zip code or  any number of  digits you can easily remember .  Let’s say you pick four numbers: 1234 (don’t pick something that easy!)  Using the code above, you’d put the first two numbers at the beginning before your first two letters and the last two numbers before the last letter(s) you picked.  Here’s how that would look if we used Gmail:    12Gm34l   Get it?  It’s making sense, right?

3. To add more uniqueness (can something be “more unique?) to it, you could start and end your password with a special character (or put them anywhere you want, just so you remember where you always put them.)  If you used and exclamation mark “!” (love them!!!),  you might put them at the beginning or the end or both, the beginning and end of your password, like I did in the following examples:

Gmail password might look:   !!12Go34e!!    Yahoo password could be:  !!12Ya34o!!   Citibank:   !!12Ci34k!!  Hotmail password would be:  !!12Ho34l!!  Facebook: !!12Fa34k!!   Get it?  I’ve never gotten anything less than “VERY STRONG” when the site is telling you how secure your password is, when I use letters, numbers and characters.

It takes some practice to use your code, but once you start using it, you’ll never go back to remembering passwords. It’s going to feel odd to you that you really won’t actually know any of your passwords off the top of your head, you’ll just know the “code” to get into your sites.  Your code is your code, make it unique and change it from what I’ve used as an example here!  Devise a code with rules that you can remember and if you have to change your password often, devise a code for what you will do when that happens, like changing from “!” to “?”.   Let me know how this works for you or if you’ve got any questions.  Pass it on to your friends…   If you’d like to make a comment on this, please make them at 

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2 thoughts on “Passwords — Never Forget Another Password — Ever!”

  1. This has been fantastic UNLESS a site won’t let you use special characters. I’ve shared this link with several people. Thanks so much for posting it. It’s saved me time and time again.

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