“Don’t Waste Your Pretty!”


“Don’t Waste Your Pretty”

This is what I say to someone when they’re obviously wasting their time in a bad relationship.  It’s a short sentence and it just about says it all.

We all age…you are doing this as I type.  Ouch!  Now, not all of us (eh hem) are able to maintain our “good looks” throughout our lives, so wake up now and pay attention to what is going on in your life!   This actually applies to all ages…but I’ve seen way too many young, beautiful girls turn into: depressed; over-weight; hopeless complainers because they made the wrong decisions spending their precious time…and spending all their precious pretty on a jerk!

According to “Nice Girls Take Charge”, there are five rules every girl need to burn into their brain:

1.  Know what you want

2. Believe you deserve it

3. Communicate directly and concisely

4. Be prepared for “push back”

5. Put yourself first — you’ve got to get your needs met to be a happy partner

There is only a limited amount of time when we’re in our “prime”.   USE IT!  Take stock of where you are in your life — right now.  If you’re really not happy with the guy you’re spending the precious minutes of your life with—you’re never going to be happy with your “Prince” —no matter how much you drink, or eat, or smoke to fog your senses, he’s not changing.   Bad relationships just get uglier as time goes on and I hate to tell you this, but you will get uglier too if you’re not happy.  If you’re with a guy who doesn’t honor you; elevate you; trust you; love you – I say: NEXT!   Now is not the time to waste your precious time.

Use your assets while you have them.  “Don’t Waste Your Pretty!”  Got it?

Any other good advice in not wasting your time or energy or pretty on someone who doesn’t make you happy?  Please post.


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8 thoughts on ““Don’t Waste Your Pretty!””

    1. Mark,
      LOL! You’ve got to stop your penis from posting on blog sites! That darn thing has a mind of its own! Thanks for the funny comment. —dean—

    1. Claudia,
      It’s good advice and I just wish more women would incorporate that attitude into their sense of self. I’m glad you love my blog, that means a lot to me. Thanks for the comments! —dean—

  1. You just spoke to my heart. Thanks for your words. I just divorced my emotional drain….just hope there’s some pretty left :)

    1. Hey Angie,
      I’m sorry that I never responded to your post on my site. I’m in the process of revamping the whole thing – have left it basically idle for 9 years….but I’m back!
      How’s your life since the divorce – and yes – there’s ALWAYS “pretty” left!

  2. I have spent the last eight years crying and you really can cry yourself old. If you can- ✋ stop it! Every time you catch yourself, try to stop. Your forehead will thank you. I love you and always wished for a gay guy friend to discuss this painful shit with. Here’s something else I love and am glad I found: retinol.

    1. Dean Hervochon

      For a woman who initially seemed so sad – you sure did make me laugh. Thank you.
      I know how hard it is to get someone in your “craw” and not be able to flush them out. Life is all about choices though. You can choose to continue on the same path – a life of crying and wrinkle removers or you can choose to live your life, the only life you have. How to do that?
      Ask yourself questions about how you see your self tomorrow, next week, next year. Are you still in the same boat? Heck no! You’ve moved on – that’s not always easy, but doable. I try to compare my woes of the woes of those who have really suffered in history – and when you put it in perspective, it often helps you “stiffen up your back.” It’s OK to feel sorry for yourself, but making it a career, is a whole other story.
      I know, your friends get tired of hearing it and it becomes isolating – the thing you don’t need.
      There’s an old saying that I think rings true:
      “The best revenge is being happy.”
      It’s up to you, you can do it, count your blessings and be grateful – it will all fall into place for you. Keep going – a little at a time.
      Thanks for sending me the email. XO Dean

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