Wasp Spray — It Can Save Your Life…(maybe!)

I know a lot of you are itching to use your gun on someone, but there’s a more humane way to wreck someone’s evil deeds.

Wasp Spray can shoot up to 20 away, is more accurate than pepper spray and shoots out a lot of volume. Wasp spray temporarily blinds an attacker so you can then whack the hell out of them with the bat you have by your bed. You do have a bat by your bed, don’t you?

Wasp spray is given as a self-defense tip to elderly people who seek to feel less vulnerable.  You don’t have to be old to buy it though!

Share this article with all the people who are precious in your life. Share the wasp spray with the evil ones!

It’s also know as a snake and mouse killer — yikes!

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2 thoughts on “Wasp Spray — It Can Save Your Life…(maybe!)”

  1. Wasp spray for self defense is a bad idea. It is a myth! Stick with the Pepper Spray. Wasp spray is unproven and has never been tested on humans. Wasp Spray will NOT work on those who cannot feel pain i.e. drugs or alcohol. Pepper Spray is an inflammatory which will cause the eyes to slam shut no matter the situation. That’s why over 40,000 law enforcement agencies carry it nationwide and even the smallest canisters will fire 10 ft while the larger canisters will fire 25 to 30 ft.

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