5 Rules for Wearing a Scarf

Everyone looks good in a scarf!  If it’s the right scarf!

One of the best accessories any woman or man can add to an outfit is an appropriate scarf. A scarf is the easiest thing to put on and you can get them really inexpensively at any number of places. I’ve even seen some great scarves even at Walgreens! Ladies (and fruity men), of course you could always buy a $350 Hermes scarf —which is beautiful — but you don’t have to go “that big” to still get a great look. The scarf adds elegance to any outfit and it’s got a number of uses.

12 Great Scarves
12 Great Scarves

A scarf hides the wrinkles in your neck. No matter how much “work” you’ve had done, how much you’ve  stayed out of the sun or how much you’ve worked your body into a rock — the neck is the one part of the painting that never “makes it into the attic.”  Your neck reveals your age. A scarf is not only great at keeping the aging sun off your neck, but it keeps “inquiring eyes”  from guessing your actual age.  Those bitches! Do yourself a favor — to prevent future wrinkling and accurate age guessing — wear a scarf!


A Scarf Is Thinning!

It gets better! A scarf is thinning!  And I’m not talking about cinching it around your waist! When a long scarf is worn draped down between your breasts — cascading between your chest, the fabric “cuts” your torso in half and gives you a different texture to break the “canvas”. This gives some architecture to your body — any body — and that makes you look thinner. The caveat is that you have to tie the scarf  together or use a clip to keep each length together — draping like a man’s tie. If you just let it drape around your neck — the two lengths will fall on the outside of

Great Scarf
Great Scarf for Big and Small Women

your breasts — that will make you look larger. Uh Oh. An untied scarf looks fine if you’re thin, but if you’re not at your “optimal weight” — tie or clip the scarf together to make one long drape. You’ll no longer be one big surface, you’re now two smaller ones. It works!

When deciding on which scarf to buy, consider the color, size, texture and the time of year you’re going to wear it.

5 Rules of Scarf Wearing

Rule #1: Find a scarf that is the right shape for how you’re going to use it.  A longer rectangular one will give you many options in how to tie it and it allows you to drape it for more whimsy or affect.  The square scarf will give you ways to wear it in the most classic of ways.

Rule #2: The color of the scarf should compliment the outfit you’re wearing. If you want something subtle, get one that closely matches what you’re wearing. If you want to make a statement, go for something more bold and with lots of color.

Rule #3: The texture of the scarf is a personal preference, but I tend to like scarves that “move” and aren’t too heavy. Silk is the classic but there are many other options.  If you’re wearing a scarf for warmth, it’s going to be harder to find one that “moves”. If you can tolerate a lighter material in the cold weather — you will get more movement from it and it won’t look so “heavy” on you. The scarf should “move”, not lay on you like a dead raccoon in the middle of the road.

Rule #4: The scarf is the sexiest, classiest accessory any woman can wear. It ups your game in terms of dressing and it shows that you’ve got a level of sophistication that a lot of other women don’t possess. A scarf is for any aged girl or woman. They are functional and a fashion statement. I’ve seen them worn as belts too — I don’t like that use as much— and it really only looks good on thinner women.

Guy Working Out, No Scarf Needed
No Scarf Needed…

Rule #5: There are only a few instances when I think you don’t need to wear a scarf. Look to the right!  →

Here are some sites to show you the many ways a scarf can be tied. They are a good place to start…

This site sells scarves (for women)and has very simple videos on how to tie your scarf a number of different ways.

This site has some photos of how you can tie a man’s scarf.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite way to tie your scarf?  How about a favorite story involving a scarf?   Let me know…   —Dean—

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12 thoughts on “5 Rules for Wearing a Scarf”

      1. IllenieWeenie, my most quoted saying is: “With and attitude like that you’re absolutely right!” And do not make me come over there after that “43” comment! You can be sexy at almost any age. Almost. You’re far from that.
        If you want to add the architecture and not wear a scarf…wear some long, big beads.
        I had a party last night — 5 women showed up with scarves! They all looked awesome. They were definitely “Gay Guy Approved!”

  1. Elizabeth Barrett

    Where are the scarf websites? Did I miss something? I always loved them & have a pretty good collection, i need new ways to tie and a source for long rectangles that aren’t too wide. I’ve found 74-76in & no more than 14in wide is best, but finding them is difficult! Help!

    1. I’m glad you found the websites. Your dimensions are a great tip to know. Thanks for the comments. —dean—

  2. Dean, I love this site. You have so many great ideas and I laugh out loud at some of the things you say. I am so glad that you are doing what you do. I really look forward to see what you will say next. Please keep it coming!

  3. I could not have found this at a better time…we are leaving for my first trip to Paris in two weeks! I plan to pack mostly black, white and gray with some accent colors and lots and lots of scarves!! And now I know how to tie them and lose the last five pounds all at the same time! Thanks Dean!

    1. Dean Hervochon

      Allison! Don’t pack too many scarves…there will be a lot of them to buy there! I’m sure you look good in anything you were. Have a great time in Paris. Travel safely and thanks for the comments. —dean—

      1. Well you can never have too many scarves! I plan to buy plenty while I am there! Thanks for the great blog and I promise not to invite you over to look at all our vacation pictures! We can think of a better excuse than that!

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