About The Go To Gay Guy...

The Go To Gay Guy:

-Lifestyle Enhancer
-Professional Cat Herder

-Unsolicited Advice Giver
-And Always a Girl’s Best Friend!

This is the place to come when “only a gay guy’s opinion will do.” I’ve been handing out good advice (I hope!) for decades – whether asked for it or not!

This is a “help/advice/humor/life-lesson blog. If I can help you skip some of the steps I’ve gone through to get where you want to go – yay! I’d like to help make your life easier, help you find out if something is “Gay Guy Approved” or not, if you need some seasoned advice or if you just want to stop-by and hopefully get a laugh or two, welcome. Heads up folks, I’m not a miracle worker!

I’ve got advice…

-Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Lover
-Healthy Living
-Aging like a champ
-Practical solutions
-Beauty products
-Skin care

Experience? – Yowza! I’ve had a variety of occupations/businesses – not to mention a relationship – or two – or fourish along the way – ugh. I’ve been a lifeguard, a waiter and a flight attendant. I’ve been a union vice-president, a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, I’ve built and rehabbed houses and I’ve been a successful Chicago restaurateur.

I’m currently the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in my awesome Chicago neighborhood. I started, managed and was the executive vice-president of a successful pharmaceutical research clinic that specializes in Alzheimer’s research and I also started and sold a men’s health clinic – erectile dysfunction mainly – that one was a lot of fun!!!
I’ve been told by friends that they come to me when they want to know the “truth” about something. I’ll tell you the truth, but remember, it’s the truth as I know it!

Contact Me: (see below)

Send me an email or even better, a brief video asking your question or explaining your need.
I’ll use your video on the blog and I’ll answer it with a video too. I’m also open to suggestions on how to improve the blog/website.

Thanks Everyone,

Dean Hervochon, The Go To Gay Guy    


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